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Khushwant Singh

Motivational Speaker, Author

Khushwant Singh is an author and motivational speaker by profession, but overall, he is a Mystic, who has spent years meditating and perfecting the art of knowing oneself.

His book “My journey with Enlighted Masters” has been critically acclaimed and leads the reader through myriad stories of him encountering Great Masters, and giving shape to what is his current purpose on earth.
After perfecting his practice over the course of time, he has now opened his doors to serious seekers of enlightenment and he says “ If you are brave enough then be my friend and I am waiting for you.


Hindi Pravachan - Mystic Khushwant Singh

Few Brave Souls is the invitation to all those brave souls who want to explore their true potentials, the potential to become enlightened, fortunately everyone got potentials but unfortunately not everyone is brave. The main focus of few brave souls is to invite all those people who want to experience something that can't be explained in words


Books By Khushwant Singhji

My journey with Enlightened masters

“My journey with Enlightened masters” talks about my experiences I went through when I got the chance to meet these enlightened masters like, Krishna, Mahaveer, Gautam Buddha, Meera, Dadu Dayal, Charandass, Gorakhnath, Jesus Christ, George Gurdjieff, Bheekha ji and many more. I know, you may call me mad but it is ok, because I come to realize how I met these enlightened masters when they were born in different periods and in different countries.


Gwal Mudra

Gwal Mudra is the meditation that was designed by LordKrishna himself when DwaparYug was about to end. He knew that the modern mind was going to be chaotic so he lay down the foundation of things that were going to be important to the new man.


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